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Welcome to Downsview Orthopaedic & Arthritis Centre

Welcome to Downsview Orthopaedic & Arthritis Centre

Welcome to Downsview Orthopaedic & Arthritis CentreWelcome to Downsview Orthopaedic & Arthritis Centre


Update: MARCH 31, 2020

To our valued patients,

To continue progressing your health goals we are


Virtual treatments use electronic communication to remotely provide health care information and virtual treatment services.

What is a virtual treatment?

· Scheduled like an on-site visit

· One-on-one visit with a registered physiotherapist

· 30 minute appointments

· Reimbursable by MVA, WSIB and the majority of insurance companies

Please contact our clinic for more detailed information about virtual treatments.  

Stay healthy….stay safe. 

Update: MARCH 17, 2020


The CBI Health team is committed to the health and safety of our clients and employees. This has been, and will always be, our core priority as we continue to serve clients who rely on us for treatment and support every day.

As an integrated partner with health systems across Canada, we have been preparing for and responding to the challenges that the COVID-19 virus has presented. Our leadership and clinical teams have been working tirelessly to ensure that our protocols are current, that our staff are well trained and supported, and that all decisions that we make are in the best interests of our clients.

The CBI Health pandemic response plan has been active for some time and it is constantly being adjusted and updated to accommodate new developments. Key elements include:

  • Ongoing and regular training and support of our health care employees on safe practices
  • Ensuring we have the right equipment and supplies to keep clients and employees safe
  • Screening and clinical best practices employed throughout our network
  • Rapidly expanding virtual care options deployed where appropriate and effective for our clients
  • Constant communications with our clients to ensure that they have the right information and that we are listening and responding to their needs

These are difficult and challenging times for Canadians and the world at large. We are highly sensitive to the rapidly changing landscape and the potential impact on our clients and employees. We also recognize that we play an important role in securing and supporting the broader health care system in every province. We are working closely with the various health agencies, hospitals and experts to continue to play a positive contributing role in successfully navigating through this pandemic.

More than ever before, I am extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication of our staff across the country as they continue to deliver quality care to those who rely on us. The work they are doing is important to so many people. Please know that as an organization we are doing everything we can to keep them and our clients safe as they continue their important work.

Please stay safe,

Jon Hantho

President & CEO, CBI Health



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